Shared Ideas


You got an idea?

Have some words with your friend or friends and discuss your ideas.

Ideas are formulated first in the brain. There are two things with this matter: either you will share it and make it happen or you just keep it to your self and let it pass.

How many opportunities did you let go?

My advice to you.

Never never under estimate your ideas. It might bring you to the life you have been dreaming of.

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One powerful word with a wrong impression.

Busy? How busy? Is there any window to do something else in between?

Being busy is just in your mind.

Get started doing stuff and in no time everything will be done. Finish.

Allowing yourself to have this kind of impression with this word will simply determine how you manage your time.

Get things done one at a time and get rid of that impression of being in the state of busy-ness.

You can do more.



Good day.

Do you feel “crappy” today?

What happened?

Are you okay?

Do you need some help?

Don’t be afraid to share it with somebody else. I am telling you that if you can’t fix it yourself, somebody can.

Do you know the saying “no man is an island”?

Any body cannot live by himself/herself alone. Is that simple.

Of course this doesn’t apply to everybody. Depending on the situation, you can’t do everything alone by yourself.

The only option you have is to seek help and there is nothing wrong with that.

Why keep the burden all the way when you can drop it NOW?

Your choice.

Another Way of Giving


As the yuletide near approaching, we tend to remember the good things that happened to us. From small things to great things. It is not only your positive attitude that brings you where you at right now but also with the people that surrounds you and the activities you have been too.

All have their part in your life.

The challenges turned to opportunities? It is because you choose to and ignore what you think is not right to focus on.

Good job! Congratulations too.

Keep sharing the good things that happened and will still happen to you.

Happy Thanks Giving everyone.

Your friend,

Denver Balanag

Entrepreneur | Consultant

Job, Well Done


“Thank you”, “Good job”, Great job”, “Kudos to the team”

Compliments after compliments.

It is always pleasant to hear people being appreciative and grateful on the services they received.

Simple words which enlighten any service provider’s day. Little it may sound, yet it can have a big impact. It is unexpected in a way that the efforts rendered has been acknowledged.

One way or the other, keep it up.

At the end of the road, there is a big thing waiting to happen.

Total Secrets


Everybody has a secret. Admit it.

You hide something from your friend, your sibling and even to your parents.

Don’t worry, I’m not writing this stuff to bring it out, out of you.

We, humans, have an inner secret. This secret pertains to the things we do not know inside our mind.

Things sometimes we want to say or disregard to do. Things like urging us to make it happen like an inner voice but we are scared of its results that makes it the total secret within us.

I know it happens to you. Many times. It’s not by accident. Anybody who haven’t encountered it yet will definitely pass by. It doesn’t matter at which time or age.

When it comes, it will totally free you from your doubts. Embrace it. Everybody have their own time and pace.

Make sure, you spread that secret to everyone.

Have a blissful day ahead.