about home-cook meals

Some people enjoys preparing and cooking meals, some people just love to eat.

After a full day at work, most people prefer to buy their meals instead of preparing it themselves, this is why home cooked meals are gaining popularity.

Cravings differ every day. Though, there’s quite a few selections in the area, there’s still room for a different taste.

In Greenwood, people want to eat good food.

And, as a hobby, we want you to try our home cooked food.

Check the menus here, and place your orders.

Remember, all ingredients are posted, so please read them before you place your food order.

We are doing this as a hobby and showcasing what we have and hoping to get a feedback from our community and You.

Since, we can’t open a real store yet (hopefully soon), we only accept cash for the mean time or e-transfer.

Also, we can only do this one or two days a week (order days will be announced), it means, only a good number of orders can be accommodated. Though, word of mouth will spread, we appreciate your comments.

Lastly, as your “personal cook”, we guarantee you that we only offer you a fresh home-cooked meals, so that, you can enjoy it with your family or friends at the moment.

We take pride of our foods, and we hope that you will enjoy it.

See you for your next order.

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