Faqs about home cooked meals

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All you need to know about home cooked meals in KINGSTON.

Our Mission

To provide affordable good food to your doorsteps.

We understand your situation. Schools are back, you are tired at work and you don’t know what to eat for supper.

And so, we are here to bring you near to an authentic, Asian and international fusion food, and taste of a real home cooked meal.

Our History

Everything has a story. Cooking is in the blood line of your cook from Southeast Asia.

Your personal cook is a self-taught cook with a wide array of tastes bud.

This passion turns into hobby and she can’t wait to share it with you.

You will taste and see it for yourself.

Contact Us


We understand your concerns.

It is our first priority to know if you have some food allergies.

Never deprive yourself in eating good food.

Remember, a day or two is all you need.

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