how to place your order

Follow these steps to place your order.

We encourage you to use your mobile(TEXT) for easy reference.

You can use the messenger to place your orders as well.

We will not accept calls for the mean time, unless an urgent cancellation of your food order.

We will message/call you a day before the delivery date to confirm times and address.

Delivery time is from 12-7 pm.

(to be announced in our group page)

Thank you for your order.

Good food and happy tummy.

Text your order into this number with the following sample format.

Name: John Doe/Jane Doe

Address: House number, Street, Village

Delivery time: 1 pm, or 5 pm, or 12 nn

Order and quantity: 2 pork belly, 1 veggie rice, 1 rice cake

Mode of payment: Cash on delivery (COD) or e transfer

Send it to: 902-804-0399

Example: John Doe, 111, Lane St, Greenwood, 2 pm, 1 pork belly, 1 glass noodle, 2 steam bun, COD.

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