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2020 Usable Templates for your Business

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting, have been in the business for 2 years or a decade. You have to consider these materials to check if your business is making profits and if there is any possibility to grow.

  • Daily sales report template

– This template will help you monitor your sales and expenses and it will calculate itself to give you exact figures for your costs. At the end, numbers don’t lie, and you can easily distinguished if you need more people on specific days or reduce them.

  • Flash cost template

– Entrepreneurs love to see numbers specially when it is positive. This will guide you evaluate your business if it generates profit or incur loss. A clear view of your operations weekly. Time for you to decide and create a gimik if there is discrepancy from last weeks performance.

  • PnL template

– Business plan and development plans are hard to create unless you have a clear view of what to include in your records. In here, you will be given a chance to edit what you need and don’t need for your business to operate. The bottom line is all that matters.

  • Schedule template

– Having a headache creating a schedule? Don’t be, there are available software you can download, some of they you have to pay. While starting, you can use this for now and ask your Supervisors or Managers supplement it. Every employee loves to see how much time they have to work for the following week.

  • HR Papers

– This will protect you, your employee and your the government. This will be the basis as well of having a good company. Take note, employee stay if the company takes care of them. Then the opposite will happen that these people will take care of your business too.

  • Hiring (new employees, sample interview, employee profiles, SLV(sick, leave, vacation)
  • Accounting (taxes, royalties, deductions)
  • ABC Analysis (your top expensive items to be monitored)
  • Marketing FB (organic and paid traffic)
  • Focus on income generation
  • Other templates you may need

– Disciplinary Sheet

– Availability Sheet

– Performance Appraisal

– Acknowledgement receipt

– Drug and Alcohol Policy

– Uniform agreement

– Sample memos to talk to your employees

– Some guidelines to encourage employees enjoy their work place

When you download these guides, you will also get 8 weeks of FREE Consultation from me. One on one, just you and me. Be on time, I hate being late myself. This is how we do business this year 2020. Fast, efficient and reliable.

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