Teenagers/Starters FAQs

Q: Why do you charge this much?

A: 14 Years of experience and expertise will be yours at a glance. There is no comparison of what you will be getting and the tools are manageable on your fingertips.

Q: Can I really use all of the materials?

A: Even big companies strive to find a reliable source. The materials available are used in the operations of one of the big chains in the food industry abroad.

Q: Do you accept other payments?

A: Direct deposits only or via PayPal.

Q: If I miss a week of the free consultation, can I request for extension?

A: If you want to succeed in business or in life, there is no waiting. Your action will define your success in the future.

Q: What else can you give besides these materials?

A: Though I tend not to answer a question with a question, if you are serious about changing the course of your life, the answer is yours.

Q: How long would you entertain in your free consultation?

A: I strongly believe that long hours is not a sign of being productive. When we start the consultation, we will hit the base of the problems and struggles then find a way on how to solve it.

Q: Can you help in any other matters?

A: I never fail to help in any situation deem suitable.

Q: What future plans do you have?

A: Just like you, I have my own lists. Focus on your goals and not the goals of others.

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