Extra Ordinary

When things go sideways, what do you do?

It’s great to think that the answer to this question is so simple. Say it, and you will get it, right?

That is applicable to people who have walked in others shoes, and atleast experienced it.

The real and sure thing though, is, to give advice.

What advice?

Another great question to answer.

The above question is general, you give advice to what is being asked of you.

This advice somehow determines your motive, either as a friend or a stranger that is willing to give a shoulder to lean on.

And this advice falls in two ways. One, it will develop more hatred to the person’s problem or two, it will give them clarity that things happen for a reason.

Whichever advice you receive, be thankful. It always end up to you to execute which one is better, atleast in your case. Because, every case has a different solutions.

It falls on your choice.

Make sure that there is no regret on implementation.

Ordinary things come normal.

Extra ordinary is a mastery of one’s self that requires effort and dedication to do more and beyond expectations.

An advice from me, take and implement the latter.


Your troubleshooter friend.

Your Quarantine

Its not all about Covid 19.

Even before, some people are in quarantine for some reasons.

Did it affect their lives when Covid 19 hits? Maybe.

For most, it’s unusual.

Come to think that when you are at home at any given time you are in quarantine.

You stay home to feel comfortable and safe, and be with your family, because that is the right thing to do.

So, in general. Everybody is doing quarantine. We can say that we all are under quarantine.

The only difference is that, we think of this “quarantine” word differently.

Just like anything else we do in life. We sometimes assume that the things we do is not for us or good for you, wherein the abundance of possibilities that you can do is always at your hand.

Stop being told what to do.

Start taking steps for your own good.

Never “quarantine” your mindset.

Because as soon as you do. You will always be tied up and will never get out.

If you are ready to endure pain, then you will be successful.

Endurance plays a role in your daily life.

The moment you wake up until you go back to bed.

What have you accomplished? What have you missed?

It all depends on how you deal with it.

Did you react on the thing or did you respond?

There’s a difference.

When you go to work and you encounter an incident in the road, and you know you will be late.

Tendency is that you react, by, maybe curse, or your head starts to cloud. Its a normal reaction, but, when you respond, you calm yourself and start making calls. It won’t hurt if you are consistent on your work hours. Remember, some things you have no control can appear unexpected.

It is obvious about the difference, isn’t it?

Now, you are holding your cellphone, what are you doing with it?

Drop your comment below.

Be honest. I want to see responses.


P.S. There’s a story in the rock.

Many things

At first, you think of one thing.

Suddenly, comes another, and another then another.

And it seems it is never end this “thing” that comes popping up.

What will you do?

Not everybody can handle that comes in the way.

So, what you should do?

If ever it happens to you, there’s one thing that you can do. Seriously.

What is it?


Hard, eh?

It is at first, but as soon as you started. Everything will be okay just as they are.

Try it, it won’t hurt, right?



The word “help”

The word itself means a lot.

You either give help or get some help.

And the most rewarding part, is, when people receive it without notice.

It’s like “aha” moment.

You see, no matter what you up to. Look at the bright side.

That’s positivism.

If you happen to hear people say you can’t get off where you are right now, challenge your self more to achieve it.

Oh, by the way, you can just shrug those who think you can’t survive, besides, who are they? I always happen to say, I buy my own food, aren’t we all? So, why bother?

Also, that’s what makes the world round, isn’t it.

It should be balanced. There’s a good side and a bad side.

It matters of which side you choose.

I’ll bet you are on the right side.

Talk soon.

What matters most

Enjoy life, do what you want to do and never let others control you.

What ever you do, if it makes you happy, no regret will be felt because its your own decision and you choose to be it.

Every time you think of something its not your own jeopardize what your real intention is.

In order to live life to the fullest, never strive for the best, there’s no such thing.

What matters is, as long as you enjoy every moment of what you do, that all the sense that matters, nothing else.

Life is a journey, YOU MUST EXPERIENCE IT.


A sophisticated single word that possessed by those who wants to get something out of it, or simply ignorant of the unforeseen things that is at hand.

Why people complain?

All reasons are valid, but, why, really?

People sometimes complain in little things, oh the water for my tea is not hot enough. Oh, your service is not good. Oh, your food is crap. And so on.

Have you heard someone complaining that they need to wake up early just to make to work?

Did you hear the Manager at the gasoline station utter a single word about his duty until late morning?

Or did you hear your friend, who is working night shift about how it has been?

Some people, teenager, mid age and the young once have a complain about anything. How about your neighbor coming home to take the bus because cant afford to have a ride right now.

It seems its unending.

Anyway, at first, this word should have not been invented at all. The best close word to this is challenge.

Be challenged of all the things you do or experienced.

If you’re working in the front desk, wear that smile even if you have a headache.

If you received a poor service, talk to the person and enlighten him/she up and give courage.

One must know how to appreciate little things, because in all little things, is a big impact for you and your surroundings.

Do you have another complain?


Eye catching title?

That is curiosity.

Whatever the eye see, an immediate reaction kicks in.

You are reading this because you are curious what is inside this title.

Well, I just want to say hello.

We might not know each other but with all the information out there travelling in the cloud, you might get busy to absorbed everything.

Just to let you know that you don’t have to read and be involve of what you reading or read just like this post of mine.

A word of advise, take a break and let your mind be at peace.

Speak to someone else and let your eyes rest to the beauty of your surrounding.

It happens to me and that is why I am sharing this to you.

So, this post is intended to those who are stuck with their gadgets. I dont have to go in details what it does but I hope it’s making you good.


Drop your message in the comment, let’s make a thread.




Pork belly and a side dish of cucumbers, ground peppers, white onions with soy and vinegar

If and only if, a job is a hobby, every single person doing their work won’t be working a day in their lives, well atleast not forceably.

That’s what is lacking in many industries. Let’s not include those who do their part and complain less or didn’t even bother to complain at all.

This has nothing to do with your trainings or what you know. Those can be learned easily.

What most important is the effort you put in and working with others.

You may have the skills to do the job, but if you can’t share it, it’s useless. That is why, to make things work, share what you have and enjoy it with the peers. That is team work and it lightens up the work environment.

“Been there, done that”? C’mon folks, I hate to hear that specially if it is not showing. It is always better to stay low and let your actions show off and do the work, and treat the day, regardless how difficult or easy it is, like just another day.

If you need help, I’m free to answer your questions Free of charge.

Send me a message HERE.

What’s your worry?

Many times we think too much.

We align our energy into something we think is worth it.

Sometimes it gives a momentary feeling that you are doing the right thing, and at the end, it ends up just a waste.

Have you felt that one before? Or now? Maybe, most of the time?

That is why we are here, You and Me and others.

In order to align the resources and good energy put to use, stop over thinking things.

If you need a to pay a rent and your savings is not enough, reach out to family or friends and do a little work to compensate.

I know what you are thinking, it’s not obvious that it seems easy.

In the first place, why are you having that problem? Hmmm. Quite an interesting question, eh?

Stop worrying on little things, there are answers to every thing, all you have to do is ask so you can seek what is the best solution for it.

Never under estimate yourself, you are who you are and let me tell you that you are Unique just like anyone else.

Talk again soon.

Your partner in seeking solutions,