My Bad

It took almost three months for my next post to come out.

In reference to Stop being the second, like I said I am going to tell you one of the practices on how to learn new things without reading and studying a book.

Whether you are introvert or extrovert, you still need to talk. And this is the best way to learn.

By talking to others and listening to what they say, you can pick up something in between.

It doesn’t need to be formal, it can be done in groups, or person to person setting. Whichever makes you comfortable.

Do not allow yourself to be idle. You must learn from time to time if you want to grow.

My next goal is to make a post every month. What’s your goal?

I hope we can connect.

Leave me a message and let’s talk.

Stop being the second

As we welcome the new year, what did we learned from this year?

I understand that we all are different. Some just don’t have what it takes to excel. Some is just happy where they are. And I am with you. There is no problem with that.

In life, as long as you are comfortable, stick with it.

I guarantee you, the peace of mind on what you do is always a 100 percent right for your self.

And in the case of others who strives and want more. I believe in you too.

You have a goal to be included in the 2 percent of the world population who enjoys total freedom.

Watch out for my next post for I will be sharing with you one of the best practices without reading and studying a book.

Good? Great.

Your Why

This is real talk.

People are unique.

You can’t hold any one in the neck and dictate what to do.

If they work in a corporate world, they follow and do the job to earn for a living.

Some people are good, some just do it for something else.

But have you thought of the bigger thing?

Like, achieving your freedom, real life freedom from everything.

You enjoy what you do, you can move around whenever you want and you don’t worry much about your finances.

When you’re happy where you are right now, congratulations.

When you are struggling and finding it difficult even though you think you are doing everything, you have to think about it over and over again.

Go back to the question of WHY.

If you know your Why living, you are one of the person who enjoys life best offers.

Regardless of your age, your why must be crystal clear in order to reap all that is attached with it.

Because your Why is You.


The word above is a general term where in you render a service and you got something in return.

In short, you give time then you receive a monetary value.

How could you get more salary?

A few things you can do:

1. Work more hours

2. Have the experience

3. Build your own company

First option may be feasible but, you will burn out.

Companies look for experience, then you can negotiate your worth and if you think it doesn’t correspond to your expertise the last option will be your best bet.

Then the reality kicks in, are you really ready? Not all are born to be Entrepreneurs, because of risks and other factors.

I’ll tell you one thing, running your own gives you more freedom, more time and more flexibility.

If you are happy to be of service to your profession, stay there. Besides, there’s other ways to earn more if you’re just looking for money.

The key is through reading.


Aside from the beautiful landscape, one thing has been overlooked.

Tourism is everyone’s business. It gives fame to the location area and it provides business and earnings for the locals.

Just like in the food and beverage industry, what matters is your service and your knowledge of the food that you are serving.

Without these two, you can not guarantee a superb service and expect a little amount of tip (extra money).

So what do you do? Keep learning and be trained.

Even though you are good at it, don’t stop there. Move up to the next level, what else can you do.

If you think you are ready, grab the opportunity.

Keep asking questions to your superior until, you have everything what you need.

Collaborate. That leads to a communication which is the most important part of being a good team player.




Return of investment.

Strategy and Techniques.









Soil preparation and contents.





A wide array of words that a farmer deals with. In some countries, these farmers live comfortably.

Others even expand and grow, which means maximizing potential and putting extra resources.

This should be the case. A government support, private sector helping other small businesses and farmers’ next generations should look up to.

Food security is vital in every region and country. Without it, a big crises will occur and starvation starts to breakthrough.

No one wants to feel this.

So, what can we do to prevent it?

Help in our little way, save and don’t waste food and water and support local vendors.


It has nothing to do with you or anything.

When you see or read something like this, the brain reacts. Right away.

It triggers interest in you either you are into it, or you just want to know what is going on.

Study your self, if you react on things that has nothing to do in your life, it means you were absorbing everything even it doesn’t help you.

You need to observe and focus on the things that will help you. You can absorb everything you want but it won’t help much of it in your goal in the long run.

If it gives you wealth, health and freedom, it means you have to stick with it and master to use it and apply it for everything you do.

You’ll enjoy reaping all the results.

No more crap, eh?


One simple word that can cost you a lot.

It is imperative to think about it many times before you make any move.

This applies to every one in any situation.

When you are prepared, you can be assured that you are safe in everything you do.

Never anticipate, best practices applies when you needed it most.

Plan, execute and reap the benefits.

Businesses should always be like this mentally wise.

So, what do you think is missing?

The Yard

It is hard to believe that this equipment make life easier. Do you agree?

Four hours down to 2, wew! Now, I can do more stuff.

I know, grass is not the greatest if there’s not much rain. 🙂

Last year’s flowers compare this year. I can say that they have a little differences but both looks beautiful. Our entry door, maybe we could paint it grey.

We wish you a great and not so hot summer.

Feel free to post your flower gardens too.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

-Demi Cuisines