Return of investment.

Strategy and Techniques.









Soil preparation and contents.





A wide array of words that a farmer deals with. In some countries, these farmers live comfortably.

Others even expand and grow, which means maximizing potential and putting extra resources.

This should be the case. A government support, private sector helping other small businesses and farmers’ next generations should look up to.

Food security is vital in every region and country. Without it, a big crises will occur and starvation starts to breakthrough.

No one wants to feel this.

So, what can we do to prevent it?

Help in our little way, save and don’t waste food and water and support local vendors.


It has nothing to do with you or anything.

When you see or read something like this, the brain reacts. Right away.

It triggers interest in you either you are into it, or you just want to know what is going on.

Study your self, if you react on things that has nothing to do in your life, it means you were absorbing everything even it doesn’t help you.

You need to observe and focus on the things that will help you. You can absorb everything you want but it won’t help much of it in your goal in the long run.

If it gives you wealth, health and freedom, it means you have to stick with it and master to use it and apply it for everything you do.

You’ll enjoy reaping all the results.

No more crap, eh?


One simple word that can cost you a lot.

It is imperative to think about it many times before you make any move.

This applies to every one in any situation.

When you are prepared, you can be assured that you are safe in everything you do.

Never anticipate, best practices applies when you needed it most.

Plan, execute and reap the benefits.

Businesses should always be like this mentally wise.

So, what do you think is missing?

The Yard

It is hard to believe that this equipment make life easier. Do you agree?

Four hours down to 2, wew! Now, I can do more stuff.

I know, grass is not the greatest if there’s not much rain. 🙂

Last year’s flowers compare this year. I can say that they have a little differences but both looks beautiful. Our entry door, maybe we could paint it grey.

We wish you a great and not so hot summer.

Feel free to post your flower gardens too.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

-Demi Cuisines

How time flies

As we deal with our lives, daily activities left and right.

We tend to forget some important things.

Do you still exercise? 15 minute walk? Go for a bike or run?

How about reading a book to feed your mind new information?

There are more things that you can do before delving to your daily routine.

Just like this post, January 2022 was my last post.

Where did the other days and months go?

I never track of it, and it could happen to you too.

So before doing any thing today. Make sure you know your priority.

Keep your self healthy and busy.

This is your only remedy to slow down the pace of getting old and feel more younger.


The photo below is a present from one of my guests when I’m still working in St. Georges Club, in St. George’s Bermuda. This is around 2018.

I said that I have been dreaming to drive an isuzu pick up truck and we just had a good conversation and this is what he left me. Thank you for your kindness.

In everything you receive, be thankful.

Never expect anything else.

Did you know why people gives? Because they appreciate you, of whatever service you do to them or to their family.

So, be nice and extend a helping hand to those who are in need.

The return is a thousand fold with out you knowing.

Twenty Twenty Two

This year of 2022 is yours.

Learn from your experiences in 2021, and focus on this year.

Today is January 3rd and you have 362 days left before welcoming another year.

What will be your goal this year? If you have a clear view of your goal then it is easier to achieve.

Mine is here.

If you want to see results in 3 months or less, reach out and find out how can I help you and your business be stable and grow with or without this pandemic.

Reach out here.

This is the best time for collaboration, whatever questions you have in your mind about your business or your work, let us picture that together and I will give you what I thought about it.

Talk to you soon.

The One Thing

Work hard and play hard. Focus is the key.

Before 2021 closes, let me share to you the one thing that is missing in the food service industry.

As part of my previous post, Can I help, I ask your opinion on what do you think is missing in our service providers in the restaurant.

Is it the experience, work ethic, lack of training or politics (management intervention)? None of these are.

The one thing that is missing in our work force is F O C U S.

Yes, everything can be learned. That is why, as a manager, I don’t mind hiring applicants who doesn’t have or have a little experience in the industry.

I would rather train fresh minds than to train experienced employees who is not willing to learn new things.

Based on experience, I can tell you if an employee have the potential to grow or just a mediocre.

I don’t intend to degrade or downgrade these types of employees, this is them being typical to be in the mindset of keeping their job for decades and love talking and complaining but no result.

You know where I am going with this, I am willing to train amateurs and encourage them to excel and do extra work. At the end, this advise of be Focus on the things you do will bring positive results.


You work as part of a team, you excel and others will envy you and even ask you why are you doing this and that extra thing. When a person or a colleague start talking to you this way, you know that you pass the test.

You are doing great and by practicing it, you will never feel working a single day of your time.

With this, you are now prepared to take responsibilities and ready for the next promotion.

You deserve it amongst others who have more work experience than you do.

It is sad to see in my 15 years in the industry to outsource Managers, from other places or even other countries. Why business owners cannot promote old staff to take the vacant position?

This is a simple picture of an employee being in the company for more than a decade and still didn’t contribute a thing to get better. Why as such that it is so obvious? Because, somehow, number speaks. Companies should make money in order to survive and expand, but if the business fails, it has something to do with its workforce. Starting from the Manager, servers, cook, down to the person who is cleaning the trash.

So, what should you do to contribute?

F – ind a way to be

O – utstanding and

C – ut your

U – ltimate selfishness to

S – erve and be different

My advise to all experienced personnel in the food and beverage sector, take advantage and learn as much as you can. Be a leader, share your experience and be a business owner.

I know it takes guts, and never be an easy path. Just take a look at the other side of the picture, you will be the decision maker and you will help your community create some jobs.

Can I help?

The photos above are some of the food and equipment you normally see in a food and beverage set up.

I dine a lot not because I need to but I dine because I want to learn the differences of service in each of the diners I visit.

Me myself is a server and as they say “been there done that” is a thing.

I want to share with you what I noticed, be it working in a casual restaurant, a semi fine dining or high end.

Some schools teach you the skills that you need, but there is always one thing missing.

If you are an owner, or an experienced restauranteur, what do you think is this thing missing in your servers?

Share your thoughts before I delve into it.

You can see what I want to achieve here.