Being Rejected

It is nice to be disregarded.

Though the thought of it is unbearable sometimes, it happens, right?

How many times have you been rejected? In a relationship, job hunting of yours or simply in life.

It is cool being rejected, you know why? It gives you moment to think about.

There are people who have succeeded because they were rejected so many times.

So, if you were disregarded at some point of your life. Think about it.

Life might be saying something to you.

Maybe, you are not to be part of anything you thought you should but, you must take it to account that things happen for a reason.

I’ll tell you though one thing, if you have been feeling rejected or disregarded.

What is it on you that it keeps happening all the time?

If you want to talk about it, send me comment below and I’ll reach out.

Let us bring out the real you and embrace the feeling of being rejected, because the opposite of all this is Acceptance.

Time will come to you, as soon as you accepted it, then, no more days of your life will be felt being rejected again.

Look ahead, there’s always sunshine after the rain.

Real Deal

Take care of your most precious belonging. Your brain.

Feed yourself good thoughts. It will reflect with your attitude.

Never complain. It is just an obstacle that needs thinking how to make it better.

Always be happy. It is contagious.

Invest time to read, it will give you more knowledge on something you want to learn.

Mind your own business, you can only help people when you have been into their shoes.

Keep dreaming and striving. No one will give it to you, and the last.

Motivate yourself to keep all these things so that you will have a happy life.

Take control of your life.

It comes in so many ways.

Never let others tell you what you have to do, unless it is for your good.

Life is very simple, don’t worry too much.

You never know what will tomorrow will bring.

One or the other

Where in employees (less risk takers) always think of risks without even knowing it exists.

Look far and keep moving.

When you stop, your view is always near sighted.

Our Unknown Journey

Way back in August 2019, I dwell in the paradise island of Bermuda.

Achilles Bay, St. George’s Bermuda 2018

Sceneries are gorgeous and beautiful. People are nice, food are great even though there’s only 22 square miles to move around.

But when you see the water lushes and greenery with the variations of high and low grounds, you will fall in love with the place. I used to work there for 10 years.

A decade of my life that is not wasted because I met different people from different culture and I made friends with all of them. Plus the experience to work with different departments of hospitality industry.

Now I’m in Canada with my wife Michelle and we are just starting. Been here for 2 years in August. Time flies eh?

We got a car, which is kinda necessity to move around here. And we got our first home together too. That is less than 2 years of being here. A bit of strange but yes, it’s real. We take risks.

I’m wondering what will be next?

Me and my wife are foodies. We love to eat sushi, ramens, and anything that is exciting and appealing to eat.

I love serving people and she loves to cook. You can see who we are here in this link.

We have a crazy idea of starting out small. We plan to start a business. It’s not new with our friends around with our plans and who tried our food.

We tried reaching out to other local businesses but its a little tough since there is still Covid-19 that everyone is dealing with.

We can’t do everything on our own, with the mortgage and lease, we make sure that we pay the bills on time in order to maintain the good credit we started.

When you are reading this post, thank you. If you want to be part of our journey and experience our food, I encourage you to click the link below and you will know of what we will be asking of you.

Just have a look, keep it to yourself, or share it with your friends.

Your effort is greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again, and we are looking forward in serving you soon.

Happy to serve.

Michelle and Denver

Different Times

Time is changing.

Are you adapting?

Days will be gone and a new one will be set. What will be the next thing? Who knows.

In 2019, everything is normal, in 2020 there’s Covid, and today is 2021, we have half normal and half Covid.

2022 looks bright, just like the blossoms of flowers this spring. Is it summer already? Hang on, every thing will be alright, soon.

Hard Hit Businesses

Who is to blame?

The Pandemic? The People who don’t follow rules? or the Owners who let themselves and didn’t adapt?

Regardless of situation, with or without pandemic, crisis occurs.

The big difference of small businesses to the big ones is they have more leeway to be in the game for a longer time.

Things change, as always. This is not to put you as the owner in lime light of shame but rather a wake up call to sit down and Re-strategize.

What’s the next plan? What will be the way to “dance” with the situation right now? When everything goes back to normal tomorrow, what did you plan to be back on track and start serving your customers again.

Is it better this time?

If you want to talk and discuss possibilities, then send me a message here.

Watch out for more post to alleviate your spirit, so that you can continue to deal with any stress your business is facing right now.

Happy to serve.

Thank you all for your interest.

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The time that you have been waiting for is here.

It is now.

Lockdown is the only way to control the spike of number of cases in the Valley.

The government is there to do its part to implement and protect the greater interest of its citizens.

Together, we can get out of this.

And we are all Strong.

If you worry about what to eat today, don’t look far anywhere.

We are your neighbor that can cook some goodies for you.

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Home Cooked Buddies

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We cater Greenwood and Kingston for now.

Happy to serve you soon.

Extra Ordinary

When things go sideways, what do you do?

It’s great to think that the answer to this question is so simple. Say it, and you will get it, right?

That is applicable to people who have walked in others shoes, and atleast experienced it.

The real and sure thing though, is, to give advice.

What advice?

Another great question to answer.

The above question is general, you give advice to what is being asked of you.

This advice somehow determines your motive, either as a friend or a stranger that is willing to give a shoulder to lean on.

And this advice falls in two ways. One, it will develop more hatred to the person’s problem or two, it will give them clarity that things happen for a reason.

Whichever advice you receive, be thankful. It always end up to you to execute which one is better, atleast in your case. Because, every case has a different solutions.

It falls on your choice.

Make sure that there is no regret on implementation.

Ordinary things come normal.

Extra ordinary is a mastery of one’s self that requires effort and dedication to do more and beyond expectations.

An advice from me, take and implement the latter.


Your troubleshooter friend.

Your Quarantine

Its not all about Covid 19.

Even before, some people are in quarantine for some reasons.

Did it affect their lives when Covid 19 hits? Maybe.

For most, it’s unusual.

Come to think that when you are at home at any given time you are in quarantine.

You stay home to feel comfortable and safe, and be with your family, because that is the right thing to do.

So, in general. Everybody is doing quarantine. We can say that we all are under quarantine.

The only difference is that, we think of this “quarantine” word differently.

Just like anything else we do in life. We sometimes assume that the things we do is not for us or good for you, wherein the abundance of possibilities that you can do is always at your hand.

Stop being told what to do.

Start taking steps for your own good.

Never “quarantine” your mindset.

Because as soon as you do. You will always be tied up and will never get out.