Real talk?

Communication at it’s best. Real talk.

Real talk means, no lies, no boundaries and most of the time it is off topic.

In short. Anything can be discussed under the sun. 

Any topic. 

Money, relationship, health, business or even gossip. 

Laughter, disappointments and success. Anything.

An introverted person doesn’t want to talk much. Does it bother you? They do not share much about their life.

How’s your Toyota Tundra?

Is Harley Davidson brand still known?

Great food in that restaurant, eh?

To be in real talk, you have to have a person on the other line who is willing to listen and say something in return.

It should be a communication. If only one talks, and the other only listens, it is a one way communication. It is not communication at all. Though nodding and saying “yes” to confirm things is another form, it is not enough to call it real talk. 

Sharing is empowerment.

It helps develop your mind to be active and process information. That’s the beauty of communication.

You want to talk about your hobbies?

Hit me a response. I don’t mind seeing photos of it too. I’ll share mine if you do. Deal?

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