Career Change? Think about it.

You start learning at home the basics. Tidying your closets, helping house chores and talking properly and with manner.

This is part of your humane side of family relationship but as soon as you go out of the door, you are in the wild.

You have to deal with strangers, your friends, neighbors and of course your other peers.

Going to school is not bad, perhaps if you choose this path you will build a career.

The challenge is, at a young mind, how serious are you about taking the course of your life the way you like?

Decide and never regret. Besides, it’s your choice.


In every problem there is solution.

Big or small problem, there are multiple solutions. There is no problem that can’t be solved. First is to identify the problem, find ways on how to solve it then work on it.

Understand that problem occurs for a reason, if it pops it means you need to pay attention to it and deal with it. It is telling you something.

The things that is happening right now is a challenge for you to take. Accept it and don’t let it pass. If you can’t find a solution for that specific problem, seek help to others.

NEVER GIVE UP! You are not born that way.

Business ideas

1. Business Consultants

2. Strategist

3. Health and Relaxation

4. Food Industry Training (Hospitality)

5. Hobbies

6. Recreation

7. Computer Applications

8. Internet

If you are on one on this businesses, you have to keep up. It is in demand but also the competition is high.

Send a message if you need help.

Life shouldn’t be boring.

Nothing to do?

It’s summer!

Go out and meet some friends. Invite them to go to the park, swimming or out of town.

Don’t be shy to say they have to bring their own food and KKB [own expense] (Filipinos know this much).

Every body will have fun and enjoy. Take some photos and selfies.

Be part of the good memory of SUMMER 2019!

See you out there!

Taga Alaminos City Pangasinan Ka Ba?

Hindi ka na pala bago dito.

Anong magandang gawin dito sa inyo?

Mukhang mas lalong gumaganda ang Hundred Islands ah.

Pero, teka mukhang may kulang.

Anong kulang, sigurado, madaming talentadong Alaminian.

May gusto akong ibahagi sa iyo kung ikaw ang may angking kagalingan at gustong mag perform sa entablado.

I click mo lang ito, huwag kang mag alala. Hindi ito pambobola.

Kita tayo sa kabilang pahina.

Wish ko na mag send ka sa akin ng mensahe. Matutulungan kita.

Walang biro.

Try lang.