About Demi Cuisines

Simple things shouldn’t be ignored. It will only complicate things.

Advantage of working overseas open new possibilities. Opportunity here and there. Let us share with you what we love to do. Service and good food.

No amount of experience can change anything until you embrace and enjoy it. Hospitality is a multi million dollar business that will not stop anytime soon. Perhaps it is booming and we are here to help you achieve that.

Demi Cuisines is the combination of our names which is Denver and Michelle. She loves to cook and I fit in perfectly because it is not only I critic the foods that I eat but also I am in the hospitality industry for more than a decade now.

We are, as you have read above have passion eating, doing service and creating businesses. If you need help in your business from planning, training staff, man power, coaching and for business partnership. Feel free to send email to denver@demicuisines.com.

We offer online webinar and service hospitality training, private cooking, wait staff service and simple catering services.

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