About Demi Cuisines

Simple things shouldn’t be ignored. It will only complicate things.

A story that nobody knows and we believe that any time sooner it will be out. Our love story shortly begins way back in 2009.

No boundaries is too far if you are destined to be. I am working and almost ready to go home because I get fed up of working for others. I believe deep inside me that I can do better and make more, which is all business owners’ ultimate goal anyway. And so, I met this woman who accidentally came to the Island (which I am going to tell you if you ask me nicely. 🙂 ).

Demi Cuisines is the combination of our names which is Denver and Michelle. She loves to cook and I fit in perfectly because it is not only I critic the foods that I eat but also I am in the hospitality industry for a decade now.

Watch for Demi Cuisines because, any time soon. We will be out there reaching out to you. It might be by accident too but we will be in touch.