Which one are you?

Issues that leads to a problem, a remedy that can lead to a solution.

Every problem, there is solution. Every solution, there is money.

A common mistake by all of us. We see business as a tool to succeed. There is more deeper reason to do business, and this is the common mistake to all aspiring entrepreneurs. What is your purpose of doing a business? If you answer this wholeheartedly, then you will never encounter any slack to get up every single day. It should be very exciting everyday to wake up, and face what is waiting ahead. Look at your friend who has a laundry business, your brother who own a rice mill, your step sister who owns a beauty salon or just YOU who is just starting if not started your own business already.

Are they happy right now? Are you contented of what you have? Find the right answer to your questions and why do you want to be different. After all, money can’t buy everything except for FREEDOM.

If you have freedom, in all things, you don’t struggle. You can do anything you wish. Everything. If you are one of those struggling to find answers to THE questions. I will be sharing my experience to give you answers. Click on the categories below which describes you best and unlock those potentials Deep In Yourself.

We might be facing this uncertainty as of the moment, it will end soon. What important is, how did you use your time counts. It will determine your future.

When you’re ready head on and choose your spot.

For Teenagers or starters

  • Do you have an ultimate dream?
  • Don’t know what to do in your career yet?
  • How strong are you dealing with people?
  • Want to start your own business?
  • Or do you want to be part of the working force?

If these questions have been asked to you or came across to your mind from time to time, today is the right time to STOP what you are doing. Just STOP. Think of something that can alleviate your life, and what do you really want to achieve in life.

For Young adults or Career changers

  • How’s your career going so far?
  • How long are you planning to stay in your current situation?
  • Looking at training and to level up skills?
  • Do you feel that you are next in line for promotion?
  • Why change career now?

Are you caught with lots of bills to pay? Raising a child by your own with little help from your family? There are lots of opportunities nowadays to move on in life. You have to seek them. Do a research on the things you know and apply it. No work yet? Not a problem, you are not the only one. There are a good number of them specially new graduates still looking for a job out there. And I will tell you now, that there is a new trend going on.

For Entrepreneurs, business people and Investors

  • Business isn’t great for the last 3 years?
  • Employee turnover is at 60%?
  • Looking for an upgrade for your business?
  • Want to invest on a start up business?
  • What is the new trend in business this 2020?

Being an entrepreneur is very rewarding, that is if you don’t have a problem with your Cash Flow and the business can support itself. Can’t trust anybody to run your business? Don’t get caught to be doing everything by yourself. You need people to run your business, SUCCESSFULLY.

Everything is working with technology ever since, don’t be obsolete. You have the resources, but don’t want to take a risk? Just leave your money in the bank, this is my honest opinion. But in reality, what you earn in interest in 5 years in the bank is not the same what you will be making when you invest in a business.

Your choice.

Your troubleshooter is at watch,

Denver Balanag


Website: http://www.demicuisines.com

Email: denver@demicuisines.com

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