Life shouldn’t be boring.

Nothing to do?

It’s summer!

Go out and meet some friends. Invite them to go to the park, swimming or out of town.

Don’t be shy to say they have to bring their own food and KKB [own expense] (Filipinos know this much).

Every body will have fun and enjoy. Take some photos and selfies.

Be part of the good memory of SUMMER 2019!

See you out there!


Taga Alaminos City Pangasinan Ka Ba?

Hindi ka na pala bago dito.

Anong magandang gawin dito sa inyo?

Mukhang mas lalong gumaganda ang Hundred Islands ah.

Pero, teka mukhang may kulang.

Anong kulang, sigurado, madaming talentadong Alaminian.

May gusto akong ibahagi sa iyo kung ikaw ang may angking kagalingan at gustong mag perform sa entablado.

I click mo lang ito, huwag kang mag alala. Hindi ito pambobola.

Kita tayo sa kabilang pahina.

Wish ko na mag send ka sa akin ng mensahe. Matutulungan kita.

Walang biro.

Try lang.

It’s all real

Hi there,

Do you feel tired all the time? It has something to do with your habit.

Try to shift a bit into that habit, say waking up late in the morning. Adjust it 15 minutes earlier. Utilize the alarm clock in your cellphone. Beware, when you set it up, you have to get up.

All the things that you do is real.

You go to work from the moment you leave your house is time consumed out of your day.

Stop doing the things that doesn’t help you grow. Start assessing your habits. It will benefit you as early as now and your future.

Be part of my growing lists of people who once struggle and now enjoys life to the fullest.

Check it out and don’t hesitate to leave a message.

Your solution partner,

Denver Balanag



The next thing to do


When cellphone was first introduced, it spread like a mushroom.

Many years ago, connecting to other people takes time. Telegrams, post mails and personal messages.

Now, with a couple of buttons in the cellphone, you can read emails, text messages, rich photos. It helps alleviate the feeling of being connected most of the time.

For the mean time, have you maximized the use of your cellphone or most people called it now a smart phone?

There are abundant ways that it can help you; to build connection, do business and scaling.

To get more of this, look in HERE.

Christmas To Ponder


Today marks a day of giving.

Giving not of material things but giving of LOVE.

Giving anything you believe can be useful for others.

It can be new or old, the essence is you GIVE it wholeheartedly.

So, look at your closets and donate any thing that is of value and can be used by others especially to those who needs it most.

Let them feel that we are one and we belong with each other.


Merry Christmas to you and your Family.


Happy eating!

Demi Cuisines