The Manager

In layman’s term, a person who manage a place.

Straight forward.

The result will tell in all aspects. Since we are in the hospitality industry, what really are the duties of A Manager?

With all the guidelines and government issued standards, the Manager is responsible for the safety of its staff, progress of the business and the totality of the outlook of the brand (whatever it is).

Let me add one thing, the Manager should and always consider the very important part of being a Manager. In the restaurant, this one thing must be the priority, without them, business will not prosper.

They are the customers.

Customers come back not only with the food and service but with the personal touch of the Manager managing the restaurant.

This is the extra mile that a few Managers in the hospitality world doesn’t do and they are missing the link.

There’s more to discuss about the responsibilities of the Manager, you are invited to take part of the live webinar on August 29th, Saturday, at 8 PM, Manila Time.

Check the details here and look for Hospitality newbie.

I will be glad to meet you soon.

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