Pork belly and a side dish of cucumbers, ground peppers, white onions with soy and vinegar

If and only if, a job is a hobby, every single person doing their work won’t be working a day in their lives, well atleast not forceably.

That’s what is lacking in many industries. Let’s not include those who do their part and complain less or didn’t even bother to complain at all.

This has nothing to do with your trainings or what you know. Those can be learned easily.

What most important is the effort you put in and working with others.

You may have the skills to do the job, but if you can’t share it, it’s useless. That is why, to make things work, share what you have and enjoy it with the peers. That is team work and it lightens up the work environment.

“Been there, done that”? C’mon folks, I hate to hear that specially if it is not showing. It is always better to stay low and let your actions show off and do the work, and treat the day, regardless how difficult or easy it is, like just another day.

If you need help, I’m free to answer your questions Free of charge.

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