Big Thank You

Before this year ends, I would like to thank all of you who have reached and liked and shared my posts.

For the upcoming year, I wish you all a good health and a prosperous new year.

Happy New Year!


Christmas To Ponder


Today marks a day of giving.

Giving not of material things but giving of LOVE.

Giving anything you believe can be useful for others.

It can be new or old, the essence is you GIVE it wholeheartedly.

So, look at your closets and donate any thing that is of value and can be used by others especially to those who needs it most.

Let them feel that we are one and we belong with each other.


Merry Christmas to you and your Family.


Happy eating!

Demi Cuisines

Too Much Information


In the beginning of life, we learn new things. We learn how to crawl. We learn how to walk, and we learn how to talk.

As we grow, we learn more things. How to get things done by our own mentors (our parents). Learn things on how to survive and learn things on how to apply them in our daily lives.

In the middle of this learning, everything will be in place. We digest what we see, we do trial and error experiment and we decide what we can do with it.

Learning is non stop, with thousands if not millions of information available now over the internet, you can’t go wrong to read all of these information you think can help you find an answer.

Once in awhile, do it slow and grind all the information you just read.

There is a limited time to compare notes.

Too much information will lead to an Information Overload.

The state of the brain where too many data (information) has been store and won’t be able to process.

Be aware with this. It will slow you down to get things done and sometimes it will stress you out.

Take a break in between.

You are Temporary


Did you know that everything is temporary?

Your house, your car, your clothes include your gadgets too. How many times have you changed these things? Couple houses more that you bought?

Yes it adds up but then it is still temporary.

There is no such think that lasts, even yourself.

Make the most of it. Enjoy life. Share what you have.

Money, wonderful experience, photos everything that you think you can share.

You know what is the only thing that lasts?

The memory you shared and the legacy that you will be leaving.



One morning a colleague called in sick.

Last week, an order has been missed to deliver.

Yesterday, the soup fell off from the container.

Trick or treat? What a bad days. Did you learned something on the things that happened?

You add this one, you have a function tonight and one of the part timers didn’t show up.

Very nice. But still, you manage to work things out.



It only means that you have the capability to adapt and create solutions on a given problem (or scenario). It will not be a perfect solution, but you did something to get over it.

That is how powerful your mind is.

Don’t put it to waste.

The Power You Haven’t Use


Thank you for following.

This is the moment to ask yourself this question:

What else I can do to make a difference?

This is not an ordinary or general question you encounter in your everyday life.

You can go ahead with your life and be a mediocre and be with the rest of the workaholics.

My sincerest apology for this but it is the reality.

You want to work for a living? There is nothing wrong with that. We all started there.

The people who owns the business will be happy for it. He will use your time, ask you to work extra hours and pay you just about right.

Before we jive into the path of sermon, I want you to understand and think over this. Every individual person has the capacity to produce.

Those guys cleaning the buildings to the guards securing the building, to the secretary greeting you in the hallway. All of them possess and learn their skills. And of course, you also have the Manager on the 18th floor to answer to who was working for maybe 20 years by now.

Look, life is a choice. Do you want to be one of the above in which they do the work in limited ways? Or, do you want to be the one that produces results without limits?

Oh, by the way, the power that I am talking about that sometimes you haven’t use is the conceptualisation (your mind) on how your brain works or perceive things.

In short, you have to train your brain to do more.

Help your brain by feeding it through reading so that your mentality will change for good.

Help Out



Have you encounter these letters before?

Do you know the meaning of it?

Well, if you don’t I will tell you now.

This word is a distress call, a signal that somebody is in need of help. It could be done in many ways depending on the situation and place.

Now, nobody wants to see this. As in, seeing somebody seeking help from nowhere. But mostly, this occurs on waters. In an island or even flanked in the desert. The person or people who makes this signal need help.

You seldom see this scenario in a regular basis in the streets unless you are in the buildings of Afghanistan. You know what I’m talking about.

Now, everybody needs help.

Even the rich people needs help.

How? Simply investing. These people want something in return of their Money. I bet you would agree.

These people need somebody’s help in order to grow their money.

Another thing, look on the other side of it. A friend who have a family problem. Let me elaborate that a bit.

This friend loss a relative close to him(knock on wood). Then this friend needs your help.

Just a little encouragement will do. Stay beside him, ask him what you can do to help him out.

At the end, you might think you haven’t done any thing for your friend but in reality, you give him hope by counting on you.

You might be overwhelmed with this, but make it a habit and you will do it with ease.

As simple as that.