Your only possesion

Warning: Lots of good information. Take advantage to read all of them.

If you want to win every situation, check this out. This is all you need to succeed, regardless of what you plan to do and achieve. Please come back to me when you read it. I want to hear from you.

Positive attracts positivity.

Another good information I want to share with you is how to be positive despite any challenges you are facing right now. Here it is. I have written this blog 2 years ago, and yet, it is so fresh and needed at this time. Hope your soul will be lifted a little.

Wisdom anywhere

Don’t worry, all the links are free of charge, explore them and I hope that you get something out of it. If you want wisdom, this is one of the topics I am good at. Feel free to read on. If you wish to connect, I would be more happy to have a conversation with you. You can connect here.

If I will be lost in an Island like this, I don’t mind to spend the rest of my life in here.

There’s a good number of people get lost today in their lives. There’s something missing, it is not all material thing to live the life you want, though, honestly speaking, you need money to survive, there’s much more important thing other than that. You can attract anything you want in your life if you have the right mentality, and I will tell you, there’s a lot of ways how to get them. You just need to put the effort, and absorb it. Check this blog I wrote 6 months ago, it is a short one.

Sharing a good thought every now and then uplifts one self. Simple sentence with weight. If you want to change your life, you have to start talking to people with the right positive mindset. How to determine that? They do not have to have a proven record of their success to share to you. The best way to see if they are the right fit is to ask them something negative and how to work on it. If they answer it into your liking (the result that you need), which is in most cases positive then that person is the right one to talk to. See here if it make sense.

A job that requires team to set up.

It can be done by a single person, but it takes time. That is why, team work is so important, especially when you are dealing with TIME. The photo above is a catering function in a private house on one Sunday (2017). Looking at it, all the equipment is brought in and set up. Tables, linen, skirts, chaffers, plates, cutleries, and utensils, you name it. The other side of this buffet is a bar, drinks, coolers, ice, glasses etc. In this day, we have multiple functions, so, two guys set it up quick to meet the time. A team can make work (life in general) easy and less time to get things done. Check this post.

If you enjoyed what you read above, please share them to your friends, I would like to connect. We are now living in a different world, take advantage of the things that is available right now. It always need time to do it, and we all have that Time. Only, it is a matter of timing and scheduling, in short how we consume it.

If you see my other posts, I just conducted an online talk about service in the hospitality industry, the last part will be on September 13, if you want to join, check details here.

Good luck and have a nice day.

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