Only a Disaster



I never thought that I can hear a lot of complain in life. I heard somebody complaining, and it is not on specific thing but all things. From a friend to colleagues and I am glad that it has been awhile I haven’t heard my family, my siblings to be specific in complaining on something. They might complain on something that I don’t know or maybe I am not just around when they complain. All I can tell is they are good at it. 🙂

I wrote these questions to dissect what is the case.

– What is the complain?

People complain at least one thing out of their life every single day. For waking up early in the morning to dealing with traffic on the road going to work and to see their co-worker who is not smiling. The lists will be endless.

– Why complain?

Everybody has the right to complain, but! It is a personal choice. It boils down to restructuring the mindset. Every single time you do a task, make sure you do it with passion. I understand that you don’t believe me with this but let me tell you something. You have not even started doing it and you already formulated your doubts. STOP! I have a colleague who is like that. What I do? I walk away and let it pass.

I don’t know why, I just automatically shut it off. I don’t want to hear the reason and I know it will contain me. So, I will leave the person alone for now. We are still friends but at this point of time I know and guaranteed the person won’t listen. I’ll tell you more about this later.

– How to get over it?

Simple. Do not complain.. At all. You can have argument with a thing but there is always an answer to it. Complaining?

I hate to hear complains. My ears are not used to it and it is contagious. I will be willing to hear your successes but not your complains.

But when you are in trouble, I’m just HERE to listen and enlighten what went wrong.

When we talked, you will notice that you are changed with my positive energy.

Try it. I’m dead serious!

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