3 Things in 1 Shot


Hitting 3 birds with 1 stone. Remember this phrase?

How is that? I used to be a guy who finds solution to any circumstance. And honestly, I still am.

Way back 2006, I was a general assistant at one of the busiest restaurants in the island and I was assigned in the catering department. My supervisor is away for 6 weeks and I was tasked to lead the team of 6 guys. It was December by then and party every where, left and right almost every day. With regular deliveries for breakfast, lunch and dinner to our regular exempt companies I need to be ahead of time preparing schedules, calling extra staff for functions (5 functions at a time atleast). I am glad that we have 6 vans and an open bed truck as a back up. At the same time, I need to do ordering for drinks and prepare these drinks for the guys to pick up for their functions.

Are you still with me? To cut it short, here are the things I did to do 3 things on a single trip.

I prep a lists to order a day ahead ( I have 4 vendors to deal with).

1. Walk in to work at 8 a.m. and make the first call. Not all vendors were happy to deliver if you order a case of beer. I need to pick this one up. Then make another call and so on.

2. Readiing my delivery (8:30 a.m.) for lunch since other guys are loading the trucks with their own deliveries and functions afterwards.

3. Deliver (11:15 a.m.) the food to the site, pick up (11:45 a.m.) my order on the way back and start (12:15 p.m.) to load my truck with my function in the evening before having my lunch.

In total it is not only three, but more things had been done in a short period of time.

There are more of these stories. Some happen randomly and some didn’t notice the difference of doing multiple things in just doing things.

Have you had the same scenarios?

Enough for this for now. I want to share ideas with you. Besides, I don’t want to take much of your time unless you want to read more about My Stories.


Denver Balanag

Consultant | Entrepreneur


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