Everybody has a secret. Admit it.

You hide something from your friend, your sibling and even to your parents.

Don’t worry, I’m not writing this stuff to bring it out, out of you.

We, humans, have an inner secret. This secret pertains to the things we do not know inside our mind.

Things sometimes we want to say or disregard to do. Things like urging us to make it happen like an inner voice but we are scared of its results that makes it the total secret within us.

I know it happens to you. Many times. It’s not by accident. Anybody who haven’t encountered it yet will definitely pass by. It doesn’t matter at which time or age.

When it comes, it will totally free you from your doubts. Embrace it. Everybody have their own time and pace.

Make sure, you spread that secret to everyone.

Have a blissful day ahead.

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