Wisdom For Sale

The number one a human being wants is to be free.

Free of problems.

Free of sickness.

Free of worries and sometimes even want more free things such as freebies.

But, what really is humans looking for?

Abundance in life.

It doesnt matter if you have lots of money or friends. The question is are you happy?

Not because you think you can have everything in the world; you can afford to buy luxuries, probably a short freedom which others only dream of or dine in a fine restaurant.

The most important thing in life is Wisdom.

And honestly, it can be bought.

In contrast on what make you enjoy life, wisdom is a higher call in every soul living in this earth.

When you have Wisdom, you can touch peoples lives.

It is basically free.

The problem in this generation is they are too busy dealing with other things they thought make sense.

Forgetting what is good for the greater.

Though not all, there still a good number paying attention.

Wisdom creates possibilities.

Wisdom is shared.

Wisdom will change peoples lives for the better.

Seek Wisdom first before anything else.

It hides in You.



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