Business ideas

1. Business Consultants

2. Strategist

3. Health and Relaxation

4. Food Industry Training (Hospitality)

5. Hobbies

6. Recreation

7. Computer Applications

8. Internet

If you are on one on this businesses, you have to keep up. It is in demand but also the competition is high.

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Life shouldn’t be boring.

Nothing to do?

It’s summer!

Go out and meet some friends. Invite them to go to the park, swimming or out of town.

Don’t be shy to say they have to bring their own food and KKB [own expense] (Filipinos know this much).

Every body will have fun and enjoy. Take some photos and selfies.

Be part of the good memory of SUMMER 2019!

See you out there!

Taga Alaminos City Pangasinan Ka Ba?

Hindi ka na pala bago dito.

Anong magandang gawin dito sa inyo?

Mukhang mas lalong gumaganda ang Hundred Islands ah.

Pero, teka mukhang may kulang.

Anong kulang, sigurado, madaming talentadong Alaminian.

May gusto akong ibahagi sa iyo kung ikaw ang may angking kagalingan at gustong mag perform sa entablado.

I click mo lang ito, huwag kang mag alala. Hindi ito pambobola.

Kita tayo sa kabilang pahina.

Wish ko na mag send ka sa akin ng mensahe. Matutulungan kita.

Walang biro.

Try lang.

A Wonderful Habit


I will share something different today.

If you have read some of my blogs, you will have a little understanding where I am going.

Here it is.

A thing that some people don’t have, I call it a habit.

What is a habit? In layman’s term a habit is a positive thing that makes a person keep going. I know what you are thinking. Of course, there are habits too that leads a person to distraction. But honestly, I am not interested into that side of it.

I am kin of positive thoughts, I turned down anything that is not positive. Arguments, bad news, bad days, rumors, you name it. I am not INTERESTED on these things.

Now, this is uncommon to most that how is it possible to be just be positive or optimistic. I will tell you one thing. I have been practicing this for quite a good years now and to be exact, it has been 18 years in the making.

I am not a psychologist and I am not asking you to believe me. Besides, if you are in my small circle of friends, you should know what I am talking about.

From my parents, to siblings, affiliates, close friends, co-workers and my employees, every one in my inner circle know me with this. I don’t know how to call it, you may call it a skill if you think so but I am still studying it and looking for the right answer into it. And when I found out, I will sure share it with you.

Let us get deep a little for what is the habit I am doing for the past almost 2 decades now. 

Writing in any piece of paper. (Look at the picture). If you notice, I like writing things, from small information, to details and the things that I want to do for the day. Though I can remember some of the things that I have plan for the day, it is always  nice to have it written down so that I won’t miss a thing or at least done most of it. If you are a “techy”, you can use your phone for its Calendar or Reminders. It will have the options too to put it on Alarm 10, 15 or even 30 minutes ahead of time.

I have a lot of things to add into this piece of information, but I don’t want you to get tired reading. There would be more of this if you will stay tune.

Would you?



People absorbs knowledge, skills set and mastery.

But most of the time people also ended up on the side stuck.

People are bound to follow rules on how things work and yet there is no progress. Is there any key feature one has to have in order to be able to figure out how to succeed?

This is not an isolated case.

There are really people that even how many times undergone training, still can’t get it.


The circuit in their mind hasn’t changed. Slowly maybe, but until that person teach the brain from its state to move on nothing will ever change.

Being incompetent doesn’t mean you are not good at things, the right term for this is; undeveloped.

Yes, it is not developed yet.

How and when it will be developed?

The answer is within you.

You either start work hard for it or just sit and do nothing and keep your category of being an Incompetent.

Again. Your choice.