The Matter

Good day to you. What does matter to you? This is high time to think about it. A time to contemplate on the good things you want to do that you haven’t done yet. Time to connect with friends and families scattered around the world or stocked somewhere. At this time, take advantage of technology …

Don’t act on anything you want to achieve. Just like these trees (ignore the pines). They looked ugly now but still is standing, waiting for the spring to come so that its leaves and flowers will blossom again. Everything in this world has a life. True, it all takes time. Again, a matter of choice.

The power of Ink

Not good at things? Who is when its a first encounter? Not sure if it will help or not? You will never know when you don’t try. Life is full of surprises. Why don’t you try to explore? This article I wrote will be a guide for you to start doing what you want to …

Kapwa ko OFW. Para Sayo Ito.

Pagod ka na sa trabaho mo? Kumusta naman ang hanap buhay natin? Pwede na bang magretiro? Ilan lang ito sa mga katanungang tila bagang pang habang buhay ang kasagutan. Libre lang ito kabayan, iclick lang at mag iwan ng email at makukuha mo na ang nakapaloob na sulat galing sa akin. Salamat at Ingat!

First Visit to Moncton, New Brunswick Canada

Drove 3.5 hours from Kingston, Nova Scotia to Moncton. Great views and good food (#Pink Sushi in Moncton). And it starts to freeze. Planning to go back on the 13th of November. #travels #Canada #foodcritique #MonctonNewBrunswick

What happens in Nova Scotia stay in Nova Scotia.

30 Days in Nova Scotia, Canada In detail, you will see and read what I have done in Nova Scotia. How beautiful is this place, connected with other villages and its offer. My day to day activity will be listed in dates. Next time we meet, coffee on me. Promise. Get your copy now.

Wisdom For Sale

The number one a human being wants is to be free. Free of problems. Free of sickness. Free of worries and sometimes even want more free things such as freebies. But, what really is humans looking for? Abundance in life. It doesnt matter if you have lots of money or friends. The question is are …

Career Change? Think about it.

You start learning at home the basics. Tidying your closets, helping house chores and talking properly and with manner. This is part of your humane side of family relationship but as soon as you go out of the door, you are in the wild. You have to deal with strangers, your friends, neighbors and of …

Simple Gesture Worth Millions

Thank you, appreciated. It is not what you give but the essence of giving that counts. It costs nothing.

In every problem there is solution.

Big or small problem, there are multiple solutions. There is no problem that can’t be solved. First is to identify the problem, find ways on how to solve it then work on it. Understand that problem occurs for a reason, if it pops it means you need to pay attention to it and deal with …