The beast within

Have you experience fighting yourself? An urge telling you, you have to do this but ending up nowhere.

Let me tell you this.

If you feel this way, it only shows that you are craving for more, and that, your mind is about to explode and longing to do more.

Remember, human brain is still the fastest machine on earth. The processes it can perform out performs man made artificial intelligence.

Just like having a problem. People can’t move on, it is not that there’s no closure or so, but, they don’t figure it out how to solve the problem.

If there’s a problem, analyze it, what is the problem? Think of possible solution, apply it. If it didn’t solve the problem, seek someone’s help, or else, you will be stuck there.

When you solve that specific problem, move on. If you didn’t, still move on and keep it as an experience. It is life, there is no such a perfect life until you discover your real self.

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