Little encouragement

April 3, 2020

While there’s little hope in our medical teams caring for the infected people of this pandemic. Lack of ppe, lack of first aid medicines and respiratory machines.

Our scientists, biologists and other organizations are doing everything they can to find the antidote.

Kudos to all of the government leaders all over the world for giving support and information to their people.

Well done as well to the private organizations and private individual who silently participate donating and helping out.

As a citizen of other country, here in Canada, I admire the Prime Minister in giving support and words of wisdom of any available help being prepared by the government.

My relatives in different continents, Asia, Europe, USA and the Middle East, stay safe and follow rules and guidelines to avoid any circumstances.

The whole world is in chaotic situation.

To my fellow Filipinos in the Philippines, I am monitoring what’s going on in our country.

There’s only one way to lessen the burden of this pandemic. Obey the laws and be one with your authorities. If you are desperate of help, talk to your local government and ask explanation. Avoid misleading and threatening words. Observe social distancing.

Be vigilant, there are group/s taking advantage of the situation. I hope, this will be the best time to take precautions. The government is working for you.

Posting good things in social media helps. In retrospect, posting negative comments discounts and malign others with intended interest.

Regardless, wherever you are, whatever you do. Help in any way you can.

Do your part. Be of helpful and not a burden.

Stay home, so that you won’t be part of the number of infected, worst if not a casualty.

This will be over soon.

-Concerned citizen


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