Food cost

In many cases, this is rampant in the food industry. This is why many restaurant establishment fails.

Get a good chef to deal with the headache in the kitchen. Hire a Manager that can control the flow.

That is not really the problem.

It lies on the effort of each individual working in a specific group. It is time to ask, are these people enjoying what they are doing, or they are here because they need it for ends meet?

Every single person is different, if you are part of the Management you should know and work on it and make sure that work environment is sound and vibe.

Focus on your people, they make or break your business.

If you are in the food and beverage industry, I would love to collaborate. Longing for somebody with the same interest. Let us help other restaurants and owners for a swing.

Talk soon.


Your troubleshooter,

Denver Balanag

P.S. Food cost tracks if you are inline of your numbers, the bottom line matters.

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