Where did the time go?

Yesterday, you are just having fun with something.

The other day, you feel sick.

Now, seems normal and neutral.

Some good books say deal with the present, forget and learn the pass and mold or prepare for the future.

Though it apply to most, not to everybody.

Time is the only thing everybody has and it fits to a unique 24 hours regardless of activity you do.

Live in the moment and present. Analyzing it, it make sense but you really have to plan for your future (not everyone will buy this) at least the next day.

Never run out of ideas, it will keep you moving and going.

So, still wondering where did your time go?

Mine has been used and the remaining that I have, I have planned it the way I want. Now, I’m just waiting the right time to come.

Oh by the way, you get a fresh 24 hours by 12 midnight, what will you do?

A moment from your troubleshooter,

Denver Balanag

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