Your Quarantine

Its not all about Covid 19.

Even before, some people are in quarantine for some reasons.

Did it affect their lives when Covid 19 hits? Maybe.

For most, it’s unusual.

Come to think that when you are at home at any given time you are in quarantine.

You stay home to feel comfortable and safe, and be with your family, because that is the right thing to do.

So, in general. Everybody is doing quarantine. We can say that we all are under quarantine.

The only difference is that, we think of this “quarantine” word differently.

Just like anything else we do in life. We sometimes assume that the things we do is not for us or good for you, wherein the abundance of possibilities that you can do is always at your hand.

Stop being told what to do.

Start taking steps for your own good.

Never “quarantine” your mindset.

Because as soon as you do. You will always be tied up and will never get out.

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