Extra Ordinary

When things go sideways, what do you do?

It’s great to think that the answer to this question is so simple. Say it, and you will get it, right?

That is applicable to people who have walked in others shoes, and atleast experienced it.

The real and sure thing though, is, to give advice.

What advice?

Another great question to answer.

The above question is general, you give advice to what is being asked of you.

This advice somehow determines your motive, either as a friend or a stranger that is willing to give a shoulder to lean on.

And this advice falls in two ways. One, it will develop more hatred to the person’s problem or two, it will give them clarity that things happen for a reason.

Whichever advice you receive, be thankful. It always end up to you to execute which one is better, atleast in your case. Because, every case has a different solutions.

It falls on your choice.

Make sure that there is no regret on implementation.

Ordinary things come normal.

Extra ordinary is a mastery of one’s self that requires effort and dedication to do more and beyond expectations.

An advice from me, take and implement the latter.


Your troubleshooter friend.

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