If you are ready to endure pain, then you will be successful.

Endurance plays a role in your daily life.

The moment you wake up until you go back to bed.

What have you accomplished? What have you missed?

It all depends on how you deal with it.

Did you react on the thing or did you respond?

There’s a difference.

When you go to work and you encounter an incident in the road, and you know you will be late.

Tendency is that you react, by, maybe curse, or your head starts to cloud. Its a normal reaction, but, when you respond, you calm yourself and start making calls. It won’t hurt if you are consistent on your work hours. Remember, some things you have no control can appear unexpected.

It is obvious about the difference, isn’t it?

Now, you are holding your cellphone, what are you doing with it?

Drop your comment below.

Be honest. I want to see responses.


P.S. There’s a story in the rock.

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