The next thing to do


When cellphone was first introduced, it spread like a mushroom.

Many years ago, connecting to other people takes time. Telegrams, post mails and personal messages.

Now, with a couple of buttons in the cellphone, you can read emails, text messages, rich photos. It helps alleviate the feeling of being connected most of the time.

For the mean time, have you maximized the use of your cellphone or most people called it now a smart phone?

There are abundant ways that it can help you; to build connection, do business and scaling.

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One powerful word with a wrong impression.

Busy? How busy? Is there any window to do something else in between?

Being busy is just in your mind.

Get started doing stuff and in no time everything will be done. Finish.

Allowing yourself to have this kind of impression with this word will simply determine how you manage your time.

Get things done one at a time and get rid of that impression of being in the state of busy-ness.

You can do more.