encouragement 5

“Say no to struggle. When you say it, it can be done and don’t look back.” This is one of the powers of words. When you say something, it is being done. Be careful on your words, they can also destroy you and your reputation. Words applies to everything, including yourself. So, choose your words …

encouragement 4

Believe or you get lost. “Living to the fullest is a state of mind. You live the life of what you have.” Regardless of what you have, you can live your life to the fullest. How? Good question, it means you haven’t done or noticed it yet. Everyone has a problem, some have a little …

encouragement 3

Live the life you want. Everything matters. “Take advantage of the time creating your future.” Creating a future means looking beyond of your current situation. Mold it in your mind what you picture in life and stick to it. Everyone has the same time, consuming them is the only difference.

encouragement 2

“Being different is legacy.” It is hard to believe that hardship comes on those who don’t strive hard. It is not a question of personality, but rather self growth. People can grow in different ways, sad part, there’s majority of them left out there because of lack of motivation. Don’t get caught on someone’s dream, …


“Actions speak for themselves.” Human tend to know everything. It is hard to say it yourself, let your actions speak for themselves to others. Keep everything low on what you do and let others speak your deeds to others. It is always better to be known secretly than boasting something that is missing.

Week’s encouragement 5

“Mysteries in life happen when you pay close attention.” Just like when you want somebody, you ask for a sign. The things that you can’t explain happening to your life. The moments unbearable and yet you enjoys it. Life is full of mystery. Just be aware of them and live it.

Week’s encouragement 4

Taking the lead gives a different feeling. Grabbing credit, is not leadership. Showing how its done is fulfilling. Shaming others is disrespecting regardless of their position and relationship. Take control. “The moment you accept you are in control, things change. By the time you let somebody take the control, it drags.

week’s encouragement 3

“Embrace whatever you do and learn from it, at the end you have it as a tool for your consumption.” Learning new things is a good thing. Learning it fast is cool. Applying what you learn has no guarantee, but still do it. You might end up being successful.

week’s encouragement 2

“Be encouraged to be better, no one will bother.” With the exemption of your talent, being encouraged will help you step up. Determination and self discipline gives you the advantage. When you are encouraged, it will seem there will be no limits.

Week’s encouragement

Time can fix things. “Every mistake can be fixed. It is given and it always works that way.” Just imagine, when a car broke down, you have two options. Get it fixed or by another one. Some mistakes can have multiple solutions. The best solution is always the one being offered. Don’t be afraid to …