It’s all real

Hi there,

Do you feel tired all the time? It has something to do with your habit.

Try to shift a bit into that habit, say waking up late in the morning. Adjust it 15 minutes earlier. Utilize the alarm clock in your cellphone. Beware, when you set it up, you have to get up.

All the things that you do is real.

You go to work from the moment you leave your house is time consumed out of your day.

Stop doing the things that doesn’t help you grow. Start assessing your habits. It will benefit you as early as now and your future.

Be part of my growing lists of people who once struggle and now enjoys life to the fullest.

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Your solution partner,

Denver Balanag




You are Temporary


Did you know that everything is temporary?

Your house, your car, your clothes include your gadgets too. How many times have you changed these things? Couple houses more that you bought?

Yes it adds up but then it is still temporary.

There is no such think that lasts, even yourself.

Make the most of it. Enjoy life. Share what you have.

Money, wonderful experience, photos everything that you think you can share.

You know what is the only thing that lasts?

The memory you shared and the legacy that you will be leaving.



One powerful word with a wrong impression.

Busy? How busy? Is there any window to do something else in between?

Being busy is just in your mind.

Get started doing stuff and in no time everything will be done. Finish.

Allowing yourself to have this kind of impression with this word will simply determine how you manage your time.

Get things done one at a time and get rid of that impression of being in the state of busy-ness.

You can do more.

Job, Well Done


“Thank you”, “Good job”, Great job”, “Kudos to the team”

Compliments after compliments.

It is always pleasant to hear people being appreciative and grateful on the services they received.

Simple words which enlighten any service provider’s day. Little it may sound, yet it can have a big impact. It is unexpected in a way that the efforts rendered has been acknowledged.

One way or the other, keep it up.

At the end of the road, there is a big thing waiting to happen.