Our Unknown Journey

Way back in August 2019, I dwell in the paradise island of Bermuda.

Achilles Bay, St. George’s Bermuda 2018

Sceneries are gorgeous and beautiful. People are nice, food are great even though there’s only 22 square miles to move around.

But when you see the water lushes and greenery with the variations of high and low grounds, you will fall in love with the place. I used to work there for 10 years.

A decade of my life that is not wasted because I met different people from different culture and I made friends with all of them. Plus the experience to work with different departments of hospitality industry.

Now I’m in Canada with my wife Michelle and we are just starting. Been here for 2 years in August. Time flies eh?

We got a car, which is kinda necessity to move around here. And we got our first home together too. That is less than 2 years of being here. A bit of strange but yes, it’s real. We take risks.

I’m wondering what will be next?

Me and my wife are foodies. We love to eat sushi, ramens, and anything that is exciting and appealing to eat.

I love serving people and she loves to cook. You can see who we are here in this link.

We have a crazy idea of starting out small. We plan to start a business. It’s not new with our friends around with our plans and who tried our food.

We tried reaching out to other local businesses but its a little tough since there is still Covid-19 that everyone is dealing with.

We can’t do everything on our own, with the mortgage and lease, we make sure that we pay the bills on time in order to maintain the good credit we started.

When you are reading this post, thank you. If you want to be part of our journey and experience our food, I encourage you to click the link below and you will know of what we will be asking of you.

Just have a look, keep it to yourself, or share it with your friends.

Your effort is greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again, and we are looking forward in serving you soon.

Happy to serve.

Michelle and Denver

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