Hard Hit Businesses

Who is to blame?

The Pandemic? The People who don’t follow rules? or the Owners who let themselves and didn’t adapt?

Regardless of situation, with or without pandemic, crisis occurs.

The big difference of small businesses to the big ones is they have more leeway to be in the game for a longer time.

Things change, as always. This is not to put you as the owner in lime light of shame but rather a wake up call to sit down and Re-strategize.

What’s the next plan? What will be the way to “dance” with the situation right now? When everything goes back to normal tomorrow, what did you plan to be back on track and start serving your customers again.

Is it better this time?

If you want to talk and discuss possibilities, then send me a message here.

Watch out for more post to alleviate your spirit, so that you can continue to deal with any stress your business is facing right now.

Happy to serve.

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