For companies in 2021, it’s hard to find talents and people willing to do the extra work.

It’s not new that most young people nowadays have a side gig or two to survive. I do believe you and I are one of them.

Today, there are so many shortages of workforce and man power in most industries. Only and only if companies like #Tesla and others produce #Robots that can do these labor works in no time.

Side hustle can be a full time when it is being introduced. A couple of hours here and couple hours there will do. The issue are, how businesses find these people and how to encourage them to work for short hours and make some bucks.

In Canada, this is one of the opportunities that is waiting to explode. The country is looking for experienced talents to help boost and regenerate the economy.

How? This is where the work starts. A process, a commitment, and enthusiasm to find talents, build relationship with other business owners and coordinating with the government to see how can we turn things around.

It is a matter of time, and it is very near that it can be done.

Will you take part of it?

Let’s collaborate.

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