Want to start the day right?

Do not complain.

Remember what you read in my previous post and that is it.

Wake up with a smile in your lips.

Think of the beautiful things that happened to you and the other things that you want to come.

With this attitude nothing will go wrong what ever is in front of you.

At this moment in time, I’m on duty at Blackbeard’s Hideout, Bermuda. Sipping pinacolada (virgin) while staring far at the beautiful horizon behind Achilles Bay. Shout out to those who have been here.



Weather is fine, 29 degrees celsius, a little breezy from the west. Partially cloudy and a forecast of rain tonight.

There is no reservation as of this time for the evening. Talking to colleagues for an early night again. Well, we need to be here for the lunch which we had 2 guess for the mean time.

There’s no room for negativity.

All aura is positive.

Click and see more beautiful places like this here.

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