Relaxed Clearer Mind

(Drop me a message why I typed this title)

Your mind create wonders, do you believe that?

When I was younger (still at heart) I tend to think that I am not good at any thing. Well except maybe eating and sleeping.

Over the years I believe it changed my views. Growing up indeed is part of human nature.

I’m not used to talking if not being asked. I like being asked. Any thing they throw at me, I have an answer. Besides I believe that there are no right or wrong answers anyway.

I am challenged when somebody asks me questions, any questions.

I am glad that I grab the opportunity to work here. A total different environment that at least you enjoy what you do. I talked to guess and started a couple of questions. In a few minutes it is now the other way around. They asked me questions such as “Where is this place?”, some asks “What is the best options to get there?”. I am glad that I helped them out.

I never get tired answering questions. I liked it. I learned a lot too discussing and talking to them. I have this I called a Plusitive (plus [+] and positive) attitude and it creates friendship. Plus as a sign because I tend to know where they come from and share my stories. And a positive vibes where we balance the ground of having a real conversation.

I will be asking the names of these people that I talked with and give an affirmation.

Deal? Let us see what they say.

For now, pause for awhile, close your eyes. Have a deep breath and feel the essence of relaxation.

It works, I tell you.

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