Every single day, I put the alarm at five a.m. the night before I go to bed.

Depending on my mood it varies, I set it at 5:05 if it is not busy for the day or sometimes if my body is tired on Friday nights push it back to 5:15 a.m.

The body clock is getting used to it. Trained with the alarm in my phone works wonders.

Sometimes I tend to put in two alarms and even three just to make sure that I will be awake before call time. Have you done that too?

Call time for me to go to shower, get dressed, have my breakfast and wait for my work time.

This is what I do for the past 8 years.

What have changed?

Perhaps, the renovated house which is not done yet. I am talking about our family house which I renovated without even asking permission from my father. Shhh, he is fine with it in the end.

Couple of cars that works but most of the time dealing with maintenance issues because of the wear and tear.

A motorcycle as a service to get something in the hardware to save some gas but then still needs maintenance for every two to three months maybe?

Investments after investments that didn’t worked. I am running out of budget.

I am lucky that I have my wife to divert my attention to and listen to her advice.

“Leave the things behind which doesn’t grant you fulfillment.” I suddenly take that one in for a few days and reflect on it. I think my wife is right. I put too much effort thinking of ideas and things. Those ideas are great but which one should I do first?

Then I almost break down and I choose not to. Today will be a great day, one of those another days but today will be a different day. It will be a progressive day and I don’t care if it fails. At least I have tried.

I always tell myself if I have this burden, how much more people out there having the same problem or even worst?

I write this unfinished article because life is a journey and I am not quite sure what will be the next thing to happen in my life. I am not counting the failures but I am working for the big thing.

Watch out.

P.S. For now, make sure you set your alarm right so that you won’t be late on your set schedule.

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