How to adjust

Flanagan’s menu, Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda.

Adjust is a general term that can be used to anything.

When you move from one place to another, there will be adjustments. Work, new friends, food, culture and environment.

Same thing when you have a new job, you might know how to do things, but it needs time to sink in everything.

Adjusting in the workplace is no rush. Remember 1 or 3 months? That’s what companies give it’s new recruits to prove themselves if they fit in.

There’s a way on how to adjust, fast.

Let say, you have one month.

A week of training. In here, you should know that basics, how things run, flow of work, know the people and their positions and expertise.

The following week is a little of settlement, experienced or not, you are expected to show what you got.

Don’t be shy to ask questions, theres no right or wrong answers, only how you received them. What it meant, you have to ask the right person in order to get things straight.

The third and fourth week, mistakes should be minimized. Always remember, you have 1 month before you quit or the company kicks you out because of unsatisfactory efforts. Again, it will lead to the satisfaction of the job itself. No company keep employees who can’t help out.

The final week, if its five. I do believe that this is overlooked, by most, if not all employees in their probationary period. Stop learning. A big mistake.

In the first place, your eagerness to learn new things should be the same until the last day and beyond of your proba period. This will separate you from the others which only needs a job to survive.

Be different, and look forward.

Aim for the long term result.

If you don’t, somebody will.




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