Denver’s simple 5 days of encouragement.

There’s a lot of things going on right now, elections, covid 19, hunger, hatred, and break outs (as if its the government fault, eh?)

I will be doing my part to enlighten and encourage you for 5 days. I will say this one now, I might miss one day, but I will make sure it will be 5 days. You can do anything you want for the 2 days.

This 5 day encouragement will be based on universal rules of existence.

It doesn’t need to be Monday to Friday, it could be Tuesday to Saturday and so on.

Are you ready?

This is a bonus for you.

“Do not rush anything in your life. You will end up exhausted.”

By reading the lines, it is truth. So, what ever you are doing right now, take the time and feel the experience. If you haven’t done what you have to do today, there’s another one tomorrow.

For now, I want you to enjoy the day and I will see you again tomorrow.

Have a blissful day ahead.

P.S. Since its fall in Canada, I just share a photo of a tree in front of our apartment.

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