The year ahead

What will be the difference last year and this year?

There will always be and that depends on the effort you will do.

Are you ready to face this year’s challenges, or do you get back and do the same things?

As you know, actions will move you from a place to the other.

Same thing when you didn’t do a thing at all. You will be at the same place where you are, and, hey, you can’t blame anybody. You can only blame yourself.


Because the actions you will take at this point of time determines the output, whatever it is.

Blaming others is another way of saying that you let them run your life and not you taking back what you have. You are not what others possess, you are of who you are.

The most difficult part of being caught in the middle is that you don’t know which way to go, either take the left to slow things down, or go to the right and advance to the next level.

The leap of faith lies in YOU. Within YOU, and nothing else but YOU.

YOU is YOU, them is theirs. You need to start learning how to differentiate yourself from being somebody.

That way, you will have a clear view of who YOU really are.

Remember, time is ticking.

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