A sophisticated single word that possessed by those who wants to get something out of it, or simply ignorant of the unforeseen things that is at hand.

Why people complain?

All reasons are valid, but, why, really?

People sometimes complain in little things, oh the water for my tea is not hot enough. Oh, your service is not good. Oh, your food is crap. And so on.

Have you heard someone complaining that they need to wake up early just to make to work?

Did you hear the Manager at the gasoline station utter a single word about his duty until late morning?

Or did you hear your friend, who is working night shift about how it has been?

Some people, teenager, mid age and the young once have a complain about anything. How about your neighbor coming home to take the bus because cant afford to have a ride right now.

It seems its unending.

Anyway, at first, this word should have not been invented at all. The best close word to this is challenge.

Be challenged of all the things you do or experienced.

If you’re working in the front desk, wear that smile even if you have a headache.

If you received a poor service, talk to the person and enlighten him/she up and give courage.

One must know how to appreciate little things, because in all little things, is a big impact for you and your surroundings.

Do you have another complain?

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