Being Rejected

It is nice to be disregarded.

Though the thought of it is unbearable sometimes, it happens, right?

How many times have you been rejected? In a relationship, job hunting of yours or simply in life.

It is cool being rejected, you know why? It gives you moment to think about.

There are people who have succeeded because they were rejected so many times.

So, if you were disregarded at some point of your life. Think about it.

Life might be saying something to you.

Maybe, you are not to be part of anything you thought you should but, you must take it to account that things happen for a reason.

I’ll tell you though one thing, if you have been feeling rejected or disregarded.

What is it on you that it keeps happening all the time?

If you want to talk about it, send me comment below and I’ll reach out.

Let us bring out the real you and embrace the feeling of being rejected, because the opposite of all this is Acceptance.

Time will come to you, as soon as you accepted it, then, no more days of your life will be felt being rejected again.

Look ahead, there’s always sunshine after the rain.

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