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How are you today?

I want to share something that is happening in a work environment.

In most cases, companies have hierarchy, you the the top guy, the middle guy and the low guy.

In a big company with a massive employ Es, there tend to be more of competition and this always goes along with experience.

Let’s say one employ E tenure is more than the new recruit, they called it seniority.

In other cases, some employ E who have more experience and serve the company for so many just don’t take the advantage to lead. This turns out that somehow, new recruits are more interested in doing the extra mile. This then is what I call superiority. Superior to take the wheel, to advance in the ladder of success.

Only one thing I would say, if being superior means to take advantage of others, then this person has no room in your organization. But, if being superior leads everyone to take responsibility, then it will benefit everybody including the company itself.

There you go, watch out for your staff who excels. Get rid of the once who take advantage.

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