The word above is a general term where in you render a service and you got something in return.

In short, you give time then you receive a monetary value.

How could you get more salary?

A few things you can do:

1. Work more hours

2. Have the experience

3. Build your own company

First option may be feasible but, you will burn out.

Companies look for experience, then you can negotiate your worth and if you think it doesn’t correspond to your expertise the last option will be your best bet.

Then the reality kicks in, are you really ready? Not all are born to be Entrepreneurs, because of risks and other factors.

I’ll tell you one thing, running your own gives you more freedom, more time and more flexibility.

If you are happy to be of service to your profession, stay there. Besides, there’s other ways to earn more if you’re just looking for money.

The key is through reading.

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