A person you can lean on


I’m glad you follow.

I would like to introduce my self before we go further. I don’t want you to think that I am only available online or should I say a virtual person.

I am a real person just like you and we can do a video chat or even meet when time permits.

I am Denver, soon you will see in my features that I came from Asia. But hold on… Not everybody agree that I am Asian. When I talked to people and asked them to guess where I came from they would say India, some would even say I am from the Middle East. Well some I would say is quite good in guessing. And yeah, I am a Filipino. It is kinda hard sometimes to convince them and the only reaction you get was this “Seriously???”.

I am not used to talking to people, well, at least when I was still in school years back then. And soon as I joined the job industry, I need to be open and start talking to people, different people with different culture and dialects. I was mesmerized that I thought it is hard to communicate but, soon as you talk to them the feeling is just amazing that you are in a conversation. The moment you exchange couple of words seems you know each other for a long time.

I have worked in the marketing and sales, have taught in the college for couple of years and worked in the hospitality industry for over 9 years.

Honestly, I don’t want to share this. When I was in high school, I got bullied. Not once but many times. I am glad it just pass through. I feel a bit irritated because I come from the province and my classmates call me “promdi”. It bothers me for a week and after that I just let it go or should I say I got immune to bullying.

Here is another thing for you, I was denied several times in my US Visa application.

How is that?

I am trying to be as honest as I could, presenting all the documents needed and paid the application fees. Few times denied overseas and once in my motherland.

I am not shy to share this with anybody and I don’t need any sympathy either.

I knew that it is part of the process or should I say experience. Process of what? I was not even given a special reason why my applications are denied. Of course I asked for the reason and the immigration officer always give me two answers. 1. You did not meet the criteria to be granted a US visa.

What is it so that I can fix it?

2. You can re-apply after 6 months or worst go to a lawyer and make your case.

Wow! Well, all I wanted is to visit my sister in Philadelphia with her family who is living there, now a citizen, for 10 years as a Professional Nurse. Plus the thing that it is more cheaper to fly home compare to my regular route. Anyhow, it is what it is.

I met different people across the globe already. I have work with Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, Indians, Zceck people, Russian, Nepalese, Italian, British and of course Bermudian to name a few. Also have been to different countries in Asia, Europe and Middle East.

There is still something missing. I am not sure what it is.

I deliver in the job, I can tell that I am one of the guys to work with and yet every time I spend time in the day at work an inner gut is telling me a different thing.

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