Help Out



Have you encounter these letters before?

Do you know the meaning of it?

Well, if you don’t I will tell you now.

This word is a distress call, a signal that somebody is in need of help. It could be done in many ways depending on the situation and place.

Now, nobody wants to see this. As in, seeing somebody seeking help from nowhere. But mostly, this occurs on waters. In an island or even flanked in the desert. The person or people who makes this signal need help.

You seldom see this scenario in a regular basis in the streets unless you are in the buildings of Afghanistan. You know what I’m talking about.

Now, everybody needs help.

Even the rich people needs help.

How? Simply investing. These people want something in return of their Money. I bet you would agree.

These people need somebody’s help in order to grow their money.

Another thing, look on the other side of it. A friend who have a family problem. Let me elaborate that a bit.

This friend loss a relative close to him(knock on wood). Then this friend needs your help.

Just a little encouragement will do. Stay beside him, ask him what you can do to help him out.

At the end, you might think you haven’t done any thing for your friend but in reality, you give him hope by counting on you.

You might be overwhelmed with this, but make it a habit and you will do it with ease.

As simple as that.

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