I would say, most of the time.

This is one of the developments in the Hospitality Industry.

You will earn your patrons and they understand if you have a busy restaurant.

A customer will always be a customer. They know what they want, they will keep ordering what they want.

Food and beverage business demands all aspect of service, from food menus to preparation and the outcome.

Competition is high, but there is no way you can accommodate everybody. Tastes, cravings, healthy food and so on.

Customer is always right if they didn’t enjoy the food or the service. With this, they have the opportunity to talk to the Manager on duty or if the staff can make a good counter in the issue.

Customer is not right, though they see that the restaurant is busy and you explain the wait times but then demands service.

Customer is not right, when they go out and publicly post negative comments on your restaurant wherein you sort things out before they leave. Word of mouth marketing breaks or make a restaurant, but not all of them are true.

A simple way to know the real thing, ask or call for clarification. An honest answer will be given, any restaurant can’t afford to lose a single customer.

Every restaurant deserves a second chance, it might be a room to grow in their service or in the quality of food they serve.

Nothing is such a perfect team, there’s always an ups and downs down the road. That is experience.

Gentle reminder, we all once a customer.


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