Beer or bier

Some countries have their own beers or in some parts of Europe, they called it Bier or Cervesa.

In the Philippines, you have San Miguel Beer and San Mig Light, in Thailand they have Singha, Singapore got Tiger.

Holland got Heineken, and Amsterdam got Amstel and Amstel light. Ireland got Guiness.

America got Budweiser and Samuel Adams to name a few.

Mexico got Corona and Corona light, and many more brands.

Most beers have alcohol content of 4%. Others a little stronger, especially the IPA’s. They range from, 5, 5.5 to 7.5 and 11%.

Beers come in flavors too. Light beers somehow have lower alcohol content of 2%.

Best way to serve it? Chilled. It’s your choice if your going to enjoy it in the bottle or in a beer mug.

Serve it with nuts and you are all set.


P.S. Just a reminder of the effect of drinking beer, you might need to visit often in the loo.


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