Don’t miss this opportunity

Take part of this multi billion dollar industry of hospitality wherever you are.

We will be talking on how to succeed in one of the most exhausting jobs out there.

By looking at the table, all of it has been prepared and set up, then break down again after service.

Honestly, theres a way on how to not feel working in a single day of your life regardless of what you do.

Service is everywhere and everything.

Wedding reception on New Years Day, Bermuda, 2018

All things you pay for is service, in the food and beverage industry, we are in service of the diners.

I am giving a free webinar on how to improve your service skills, how to deal with complaints, how to manage a full restaurant.

This will be a 3 week webinar for Hotel and Restaurant Management graduates, career changers, people who want to be part of the hospitality industry free of charge.

In-house mini bar set up in the kitchen counter.

In here, I will reveal to you how you get ahead of others in the workplace without asking your manager for promotion. How to get a raise without begging the owner. How to work in a team without hesitation. How to be a key player in the food and beverage sector.

I believe, when a company fails, it is not the owners and managers fault, but rather the workforce behind it. I’ll explain it to you inside.

In another perspective, when a company grows and be successful, you are part of it, at the end, when you start to build your own, you can apply what you have learned.

If you are thinking that it is not for you, just think that to be successful, it needs a helping hand to be more successful.

Just a little advise, even successful people ask for help to better their lives, or to grow their business and company.

3 course set up. Meticulously prop by one of the best companies in Bermuda, (name withheld)

You see, everything is a choice.

See you inside?

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